Women with Purpose (SOLD OUT)

Arts Club | 6:30PM - 8:30PM

40 Dover Street, London | View Map

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London+Acumen is celebrating powerful women who are influencing their industries and empowering other women to have a voice for their future. Our speakers will be sharing stories about what it means to be a woman in their industry and how they are able to be successful.


  • Kate Wylie, Global Sustainability Director of Mars Inc.
  • Shoshana Clark Stewart, CEO of Turquoise Mountain.
  • Grace Maa, Co-President of the London Chapter of 85 Broads
  • Audrey Mandela, Founder and Director at Mandela Associates

Drinks and Networking: This is an occasion to meet and share thoughts with powerful women from the corporate, creative and NGO sectors. You will get the opportunity to network with the speakers and attendees, and to ask questions directly to speakers. 1 free drink will be offered to all our guests.

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A case for action

“It’s time to cheer on girls and women who want to sit at the table” – Sheryl Sanderberg

Our event is to showcase the extraordinary women here in the UK who are influencing their industry. By sharing their stories we can combine forces to change the lives of girls and women everywhere and empower everyone to have influencing voice over our future. The implications of not taking a stand will impact us, our sisters, our friends and our daughters.

Women represent the fastest-growing most dynamic economic force in the world. Women now control more than $20 trillion in global spending. That means women have an economic impact 50 percent larger than that of the United States and more than twice the size of China and India’s economies combined. (Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coco Cola, 2014).

Yet, women are still struggling to achieve the basics of a decent life – women face financial and emotional challenges.  Women today outnumber men in universities and in advanced degree programs, and are a majority of small business owners (Olivia Morgan, 2014). There is still a gap in earnings; women still earn 14.9% less on average than men for the same job (BBC, 2012). Disparity is even wider in part-time jobs. There are more women in low paid work and living in poverty.

There is evidence that suggests that having women on board lead to more successful businesses and that women’s representation at FTSE 100 has risen to 19% (Telegraph, 2013). Even with the increasing activity of women in senior positions, organisations need to do more to progress female talent. If no action is taken to showcase women, they will be treated the same, with little progress in gender equality.

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