LONDON+acumen proudly presents: DIGNITY photographic exhibition & auction


264 Brompton Road, London | View Map

Event Details

An exquisite night out with breath-taking photography by award-winning photojournalists, an inspiring crowd from all works of life, an exclusive venue in Knightsbridge, canapés, an open bar, an experience auction with prizes not available on the high street – plus, a panel discussion with three amazing charities that are using business principles to address global poverty, climate change and homelessness in the UK.

There are emphatic debates of how best to lift people out of poverty – aid or no aid? While both sides of argument are right in their own ways, neither are listening to the people they’re set out to help. Acumen Fund uses a novel approach of ‘Patient capital’, whereby they invested in entrepreneurs that know their communities and are building solutions that are enabling access to healthcare, education, agriculture and clean drinking water. Acumen Fund treats people living in poverty as individual customers, clients, consumers and not passive recipients of charity.

There will be a short and lively panel discussion on the topic of DIGNITY, with three experts in the social enterprise & venture philanthropy sector:

The DIGNITY event is to celebrate the dignity and help fulfill dreams of those who have been subjected to poverty, yet are wealthy beyond measure in their integrity and perseverance. Annual DIGNITY events worldwide have raised $180,000+ for Acumen Fund in the past 4 years, and LONDON+acumen aims to contribute towards this noble cause.