Human-centered design – Amplified

In April the +Acumen course community had the great pleasure of welcoming Sean Hewens, of, to speak at our Human-Centered Design pre-course meetup. As the architect responsible for designing the course, we were incredibly lucky and blessed that he was in town and available to share an evening with the prospective HCD class of 2014 in London. […]

Scarcity and the bandwidth tax

By Ian Hadden – Photo credit: Ian Hadden A new book brings together recent research to show how poverty severely depletes our mental effectiveness. Social enterprises can use this knowledge to design their products and services to better serve those living in poverty. Plenty has been written about scarcity. In fact, some would argue that […]

Three mindsets and a remix

  ‘Everything is a remix’. Kirby Ferguson’s nicely self-referential phrase gives a modern shot in the arm to an old idea – that there’s nothing new under the sun. Mr Ferguson argues that any idea that looks like it’s new is simply the result of a three-step process: copy, transform, combine. If you don’t know […]

Thank You for Your Incredible Support!

It has been an exciting year at Acumen and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. This year, hundreds of you have donated online, thousands of you have joined our community, and together we have impacted 115 million lives. This holiday season, we hope you will continue your generous support by making a donation to […]

DIGNITY 2013 goes down a storm

By Ian Hadden, Root Six There must have been something in the air on Saturday 16th November 2013. London+Acumen’s DIGNITY Photo Exhibition and Auction 2013 drew such a crowd that the venue seemed to assume a Tardis-like quality on that mild November evening. I was almost expecting Peter Capaldi to materialise on stage as London+Acumen’s […]

What’s dignity?

by Ian Hadden, Root Six “No they can’t take that away from me” – George and Ira Gershwin Looking at the touching photographs in London+Acumen’s fabulous DIGNITY 2013 exhibition, I was struck by the variety of interpretations of dignity on show not just in London but across the world. So what’s the common factor – […]

DIGNITY 2013 Global Category Results!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! We received a wide range of entries taken all over the globe in response to our call for international images portraying everyday instances of dignity, not dependence. Below are the winners for the Global Dignity category of our inaugural Photo Contest, each of whose photographs reveals something unique about the indomitable […]

DIGNITY 2013 London Category Results!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! We were delighted by the sensitive and insightful submissions we received from London-based photographers who captured numerous inspiring instances of dignity, not dependence in their own city streets. Below are the winners for the Dignity in London Category of this year’s inaugural Photo Contest. To view the photos in person and […]

Where are the UK’s social innovators?

By Michelle Wright, Cause 4 Given the current economic situation and the ever present questions about how we solve stubborn and resistant social issues in health, poverty and education, it’s interesting to consider who might be leading the social innovation agenda social in the UK. In the last month, we’ve been asking leaders in the field […]

Deep Dive into Impact Investment in East Africa Video and Presentation

If you missed  the Deep Dive into Impact Investment in East Africa event back in February, we are pleased to announce that you can view the presentation and video. Vinay Nair, Acumen’s Head of International Business Development, and Sapna Shah, Acumen Fund Portfolio Manager, discussed Acumen’s investment approach and provided examples on how Acumen Fund select and manage investee companies […]

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