London+Acumen PITCH for social enterprise – now open for submissions!

We are excited to announce that applications for London+Acumen’s social enterprise PITCH competition are now open! Increasingly, as highlighted by Nesta’s 2014 New Radicals released earlier this month, social ventures are playing a much larger rolein the delivery of key services to our communities, mainly in sectors such as education, food, healthcare, finance and technology. […]

DIGNITY 2013 Global Category Results!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! We received a wide range of entries taken all over the globe in response to our call for international images portraying everyday instances of dignity, not dependence. Below are the winners for the Global Dignity category of our inaugural Photo Contest, each of whose photographs reveals something unique about the indomitable […]

DIGNITY 2013 London Category Results!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! We were delighted by the sensitive and insightful submissions we received from London-based photographers who captured numerous inspiring instances of dignity, not dependence in their own city streets. Below are the winners for the Dignity in London Category of this year’s inaugural Photo Contest. To view the photos in person and […]

100 Million Lives and We’re Just Getting Started

The holidays are officially here! During this time of reflection and gratitude we wanted to share some exciting news and thank you for everything you’ve done to support Acumen. Whether you’ve donated, attended an event, shared a video, or retweeted us – thank you! The holiday season reminds us that sometimes what the world needs most is something to believe in – a sense of hope and a promise of possibility for the future. And that’s what you, as a member of the Acumen community, have given us.

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