Design Thinking in Education: developing future leaders in Colombia

By Rebecca Spohrer and Ed Halliday, Acumen+ London chapter members Global education systems are not giving students the opportunity to develop the critical character skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. CoSchool is using Human-Centred Design methodologies as part of their programs with students, teachers and schools across Colombia. You can learn this […]

How to Succeed in Microfinance

By Mayowa Oduola, Acumen+ London Chapter volunteer The phenomenal success of many microfinance initiatives throughout developing nations has sparked interest in the microfinance movement across the globe. However the success of some microfinance enterprises also brings to light the failure of others. What separates successful microfinance start-ups from unsuccessful ones? By comparing successful microfinance business […]

Business as un-usual: a career with purpose

By Rebecca Spohrer, Acumen+ London Chapter volunteer An exciting program in London and Paris helps professionals embark on a more fulfilling career “What is my purpose in life?” Who hasn’t asked themselves this question? I’m assuming the answer isn’t “to work for the Man.” If it is, you can stop reading now. But if you […]

Impact Investing vs. Charity? Q&A with Chris Walker

By Rebecca Spohrer, Acumen+ London Chapter volunteer It’s not impact investing vs. charity. It’s impact investing AND charity… Here’s why. Impact investing is transforming the way the development sector thinks about delivering social goods and services. But where does this leave charity? I recently caught up with Chris Walker, former Acumen Fellow and now Social […]

Scarcity and the bandwidth tax

By Ian Hadden – Photo credit: Ian Hadden A new book brings together recent research to show how poverty severely depletes our mental effectiveness. Social enterprises can use this knowledge to design their products and services to better serve those living in poverty. Plenty has been written about scarcity. In fact, some would argue that […]

Three mindsets and a remix

  ‘Everything is a remix’. Kirby Ferguson’s nicely self-referential phrase gives a modern shot in the arm to an old idea – that there’s nothing new under the sun. Mr Ferguson argues that any idea that looks like it’s new is simply the result of a three-step process: copy, transform, combine. If you don’t know […]

Where are the UK’s social innovators?

By Michelle Wright, Cause 4 Given the current economic situation and the ever present questions about how we solve stubborn and resistant social issues in health, poverty and education, it’s interesting to consider who might be leading the social innovation agenda social in the UK. In the last month, we’ve been asking leaders in the field […]

VIP Preview – DIGNITY Photo Exhibition

On September 27, 2012 LONDON+acumen held a VIP Preview Photo Exhibition at The Collection, London, U.K.. It was inspiring to see chapter volunteers come together to make the event a success despite having demanding day jobs and other commitments. The guests, from all walks of life, and patrons mingled to provide an insightful glimpse into the world […]

Storytelling: A Collaborative event hosted by On Purpose, LONDON+acumen & WeCreate

By Priya Shah and Joackim Karlsson On Wednesday 12 September 2012, LONDON+acumen hosted a knowledge seminar with On Purpose and WeCreate at the Clifford Chance offices in Canary Wharf. Nick Jankel, founder of marketing firm WeCreate, kicked off the evening with an inspiring and thought provoking presentation on the importance of a convincing story. WeCreate works with […]

The Impact Investment Model: A Blueprint for the Social Sector

By Priya Shah Impact investment, a new model of investing into enterprises for both financial return and social impact, has been hailed as the next big asset class, with J.P. Morgan & Co referencing it as a US$1 trillion investment opportunity. Traditionally, philanthropic initiatives and aid organisations have provided grants for organisations at the base of the pyramid […]

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